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Hampton Fine Art Fair
Ethan Cohen Gallery-  2021

Hampton Art Fair #1
Hampton Art Fair #3jpeg

Basmat Levin creates vivid monumental paintings that capture the world’s energy through her expressive use of color and texture. Her works focus on portraiture, capturing the faces and the presence of those she encounters, such as her friends, acquaintances, and strangers on the streets she meets throughout the globe. She also creates textural paintings focusing on repeating patterns and ornaments, which aim to enliven the spaces they reside in. The color, harmony, and energy of her paintings capture the passion with which she paints and brings to the visual world the soulful vibrant energy of the cities she lives in.

Recently, Levin has focused on creating monumental public installations inspired by her painting that bring her studio practice to the outdoors. Her paintings and installations have been widely exhibited internationally in galleries, museums, and public spaces, and have been featured in major motion pictures including “The Upside”, “Dinner Rush” and “Suburban Girl” among others. Her latest installations have been exhibited at Glam, Shanghai; 1410 Broadway, Times Square, New York; The MOCA Museum Pavillion in Shanghai; I-Green Pujiang Park, Suzhou; The Water Village, Zhujiajiao; and Luis Muñoz Marin Airport in San Juan, Costa Rica.

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