Basmat Levin is an Israeli artist works between her studios in Shanghai M-50 and NYC .

Basmat captures the world’s energy through colors.  

Her works were exhibited  at ArtCN Gallery, Leo Gallery, I-Green Shanghai Pujiang Park.,Zhoupu Art Museum Why Why Art, Tangram Gallery , Dunhill Twin Villa, Shanghai . Ischam Gallery, 798 , Beijing. Leo Gallery ,the Baptist University Hong Kong.

. Art stage Singapore. ML Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium. Israel Opera House  and Frishman 46 Art Space Tel Aviv to name a few. 

Her latest Installations include, ‘Message in a bottle .’A sustainable art installation, printed on recycled ocean plastic bottles fabrics ,at  Glam ,Shanghai. 1410 Broadway, (ZAZ10TS),a building installation Times Square NYC.  , the MOCA Museum Pavilon, Shanghai, I-Green Pujiang Park, Souzho Village, a 23 x 8 meter “ Magic Wall “ of 60 of her painting. An outdoor building Graffity at the water town Zhujiajiao  and San Juan ,Costa Rica airport.


Her paintings have been featured in major motion pictures, including: “upside“ “Dinner Rush” and “Suburban Girl” among others.

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