Flowers make me happy. They are nature's ultimate expression of beauty and give me a sense of peace.

Whenever I am in my studio, I am often working on 15 paintings at a time and I have all of these eyes looking at me. When I need a break from all of the faces, a palette  cleanser, I turn to flowers to help me regain my equilibrium. 

Flowers in gold

The golden flower paintings use a China red and gold, and are all framed.

Moon Flowers - 130cm x 120cm, Oil on Canvas

Moon Flowers

Paintings characterized by colourful round flower bulbs.

Moroccan Roses

The Moroccan Rose paintings are inspired by Moroccan tile-designs. 


Flowers #19 - 185cm x 155cm, Oil on Canvas


Sunflowers are my favorite flowers. They are therefore a reocurring theme in my paintings.


More roses in pots, flowers in still-life paintings, and amorphic flowers.

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