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As an artist who can reach others, I feel that I have a responsibility to bring awareness to people everywhere about the importance of sustainability. Year after year we continue to produce over 35,000,000,000 plastic bottles worldwide; plastic which ends up in our oceans and harms not only marine life but the entire food chain.
My art, printed on fabrics made from recycled ocean bottles bridges the gap between the necessity for both sustainability and art. The artwork in this installation– a vivid wall-to-wall kaleidoscope of colors and patterns– represents people and creations of nature flowing into one another in perfect harmony, as the world should be. The energy surges through the colors from my paintbrush, spreading to you, and spreading the message of restoring our planet.
This exhibition is a collaboration with Waste2Wear, a company that has been a pioneer in turning plastic bottles into various fabrics. Traditional textile fabrics are major polluters and detrimental to the environment; therefore, Waste2Wear's approach of replacing tradition fabrics with recycled materials is very exciting.
 Waste2Wear’s founder, Monique Maissan is a passionate advocate and a leader in creating new sustainable fabrics.
“MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE” is my way of reminding ourselves that the message is the bottle.
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