23x8 meter wall installation, a wallpaper of 60 original oil paintings
SUZHOU VILLAGE curated by Davide Quaidrio.
Basmat Levin is an Israeli artist based in Shanghai. Inspired by her extensive traveling and range of experiences, Basmat attempts to capture the energy of the world through colors.
"Levin paints with emotions... her work expresses a kaleidoscope of feelings that come from the soul, giving her paintbrush a heartbeat that sends pulses of color and energy across her canvasses." (Daniel Jeffreys, Global Consultant, existential poet.)
As an artist, Basmat works to synthesize faces, patterns and vibrant colors together to inspire energy and emotion.
In My Magic Wall, Basmat takes this task to a whole new level, juxtaposing Queens, carpet designs, and simple shapes into a cohesive blanket of emotions. This 20-meter wall installation, comprised of over 30 different oil paintings from throughout her career, represents the magic and power of togetherness. The impact of her massive and captivating work is too stunning to ignore.`
"The heart transforms our senses into emotions and feelings. Through paintings my feelings are transformed into colours. I hope my magic wall will touch you as well"