Some of these portraits are of people in my New York life, but others are people I see at the museum, or take photographs of on the street. I love going to museums, and my favourite place in the city is the Metropolitan Museum. There I can see all this art from the past and present, see how art transcends time. My work also encompasses this idea, as I paint figures from history as well as contemporary people. 

The Poet - 151cm x 121cm, Oil on Canvas


These paintings are portraits of men, on blue backgrounds. A theme, that reapears in my work throughout the years.

Stories in Frames

Colourful and golden leaves and patterns are used to frame these portraits of women. 

Other People

And more portrait paintings that were painted during my time living in New York. They are inspired by friends and strangers there, - as well as some familiar faces of history and pop-culture. 

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Original artwork is located at M50 Shanghai and NYC studios.
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